Rental area is within a radius of 200km from Kota Kinabalu town. Driving over 200km from Kota Kinabalu will be charged RM200 and subject to company permission. 

Rental Rates

  • The rates are presented on the at least of daily basis rental which subject to 24 hours time length.
  • Extra hour shall be charged at 10% of the daily rate per hour. 6 hours extra consider full day rental. Rates quoted are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The rental rates published exclude the cost of the petrol consumed during the rental.
  • The rental rates published include service tax and 6% GS

Payment Method

We do accept cash, FPX online banking and credit card payment

Online Vehicle Reservation

The Hirer is highly advised to book our fleets at least 3 dayprior to their journey through online reservation or calling our customer service representative if book less than 3 days to avoid no more available fleets for renting especially during the peak season and the amount of booking fees that is being paid to us is not refundable if the Hirer failed to show up or cancel their rental request less than 72 hours before rental date. Rental date changes are allowed with minimum 72hours notification at cost of Hirer.

Driving License

Malaysia Driving License and International Driving License are applicable to be used during hiring the vehicle. ID or passport must be provide to our staff for filling agreement form during pick up the car.

Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver

All of our fleets are equipped with standard commercial motor vehicle insurance scheme in accordance to road transport act 1987. No matter what happened and how serious the damage to the rental vehicle during renting period whether is due to hirer negligence or third party negligence, the hirer will only responsible for the excess that shall not exceeding the amount specified below: 

Group  CC  Amount (RM) 
A Below 1000cc RM 1,500
B 1001 – 1300cc RM 2,000
C 1301 – 1500cc RM 2,500
D 1501 – 2000cc RM 3,000
E 2001cc and above RM 5,000

Emergency Breakdown Services

Immediate vehicle replacement services will be available upon request on 24 hours basis?which applicable to any breakdown cases. But, our service will exclude flat tires replacement services.

Parking Charges and Traffic Offenses

The Hirer will pay for all fines and court costs for violating packing traffic requirement or other legal offences and violation that is assessed against rental vehicle during the rental period.

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